Avonlea Dental Clinic is known to be the best affordable dentist in Nanaimo. Our dental clinic has been made with an excellent and warm ambiance having highly skilled dentists and friendly personnel.

Avonlea Dentist Clinic has some of the most experienced and highly trained dentists hired under its wing. These dentists spend an adequate amount of time to make sure that every dental need of their patients is met confidently and in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Our doctors are exceptional dental practitioners who has a very friendly and have proactive attitude towards their work. They extremely excelled at their work and know how to manage their patients with absolute brilliance and give them the best treatment possible.

All the services provided by this Avonlea Dental Clinic in Nanaimo BC, are provided with utmost care and are of top most quality standards.

Some of the quality services rendered by Avonlea dental clinic Nanaimo are as follows:

Dental Checkups and Cleaning:

1. Thorough inspection of teeth and gums
2. X-rays taken if necessary
3. Evaluation of existing fillings and dentures
4. Oral hygiene instructions with audio-visuals
5. Thorough cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning

Aesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry:

1. Before and after photographs
2. Smile evaluation
3. Gap closures with bonding techniques
4. Teeth whitening Dubai
5. Alignment of teeth with Invisalign

Restorative Treatments:

1. Life-like tooth colored fillings
2. Zirconium and all ceramic crowns
3. Occlusion evaluation
4. Replacement of failing metal fillings
5. Bondable bridges to substitute the missing natural tooth
6. dental implants

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment):

1. Root canal treatment of infected tooth
2. Post and core to reconstruct the broken tooth
3. Cosmetic fillings and crowns

Periodontology (Gum Treatment):

1. Routine dental cleaning and polishing
2. Surgical root planning to develop the gum line
3. Depigmentation of the gums
4. Oral hygiene instruction and maintenance

Dental Surgery:

1. Invisalign
2. porcelain veneers
3. crowns
4. bridges
5. bonding
6. implants
7. dentures
8. partials
9. extractions
10. tooth colored fillings
11. root canals

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